SAA: We’re All Digital Archivists: Forensic Techniques in Everyday Practice

At the recent Society of American Archivists annual conference, I was fortunate enough to present as part of a panel discussing the application of digital forensics in an archival setting. I touched on the work I’ve been doing with the D-Recs committee and on developing the forensics workflows that I’ve discussed previously. My co-presenters, Cal Lee, Don Mennerich, and Christie Peterson, discussed different aspects related to digital forensics in archives, from learning forensics techniques to an overview of current research in the field. I highly recommend checking out the audio for the session, which is available on our shared drive.

The Signal Interview
As a result of my presentation, I was asked to do an interview with Trevor Owens for The Signal, the Library of Congress blog on digital preservation. The interview went live last week and touches on some points I made during my presentation as well as current and future D-Team projects. I hope you enjoy it!

Inaugural Northeast Archivematica Users Group meeting

The first NE Archivematica Users Group was held last Friday to great success. There were roughly 20 attendees present, representing institutions like Yale, NYPL (the host of the meeting), Columbia, Harvard Business School, MOMA, and the Frick.

Below are some notes Laura took during the meeting. There is also a shared Google Doc, which was edited and compiled during the meeting by attendees.

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Artefactual visit, March 2013

On Thursday and Friday of last week, we had a visit from Evelyn and Austin of Artefactual Systems, who were here to set up a new version of Archivematica for us to test. This new version has some important functionality which will allow us to present access copies of digitized material online in DIMES.

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NE Archivematica Implementers meeting

It appears that adoption of Archivematica is really taking off. I’ve spoken to several other institutions, notably Yale and Columbia, who are not only planning to adopt the system, but also to contract with Artefactual for additional development. I thought it might be good to meet and discuss what we’re actually doing for a couple reasons, such as:

  1. To become more familiar with other institutions’ use cases and workflows
  2. To prevent duplication of development efforts
  3. To provide feedback on development specifications, especially in order to generalize them for wider community use

I put together a call for Archivematica users in the north east region, and sent it out over various listserves. The response was pretty enthusiastic.

We’ll be having our inaugural meeting at the NYPL Library Services Center in Queens on April 12 from 2-4 PM. Arrive early (1 PM) if you’d like coffee and to check out the processing center or the forensic lab. The address is: 31-11 Thomson ave, Long Island City, NY 11101.

I’ll be posting more as things develop. Feel free to join us!

Integrating Archivematica, ATReference and XTF

Last week, we had a site visit from Evelyn McLellan, a Systems Archivist at Artefactual (the company that is developing Archivematica). We discussed a number of issues related to the integration of Archivematica, XTF and ATReference. Continue reading