Managing Technical Debt: Code4Lib 2018 report

I’m just back from this year’s Code4Lib conference, held in Washington D.C. As I’ve written here before, it’s an event that is, without fail, productive, provocative and exhausting. Over the years, the things that have stayed with me from the conference have changed (arguably the focus of the conference has changed as well) from technological tools for solving problems to values and frameworks for thinking through problems. Continue reading

User Experience and Empathy

One of the talks that has really stuck with me from this year’s Code4Lib conference was the opening keynote, “UX Is A Social Justice Issue,” given by Sumana Harihareswara. She is an Engineering Community Manager at the Wikimedia Foundation, and you can read more about her (very impressive) work on her website.

If you’re an archivist, you should either watch the recording of her talk, or read the transcript that is posted on the Code4Lib website. That’s right, I mean you. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Continue reading

Code4Lib and Archives

I’m just back from Code4Lib, a conference of people who work with technology in libraries and archives, held this year in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is the third time I’ve been to Code4Lib, and as before, I found it a conference that is both stimulating and exhausting; that takes a lot, but gives a lot in return. Continue reading

Report on code4lib 2013

A few weeks ago, I attended the annual code4lib conference in Chicago. Code4lib is more than a conference; it’s a loose collective of software developers, programmers and people who work with technology in libraries, all of whom connect through a listserv, an internet relay chat (IRC) channel, and various forms of social media in addition to the annual meeting. Code4libbers tend to have a strong open-source bias, and are also mostly people who work for secondary education institutions. I always find code4lib conferences to be inspiring and a little overwhelming. There’s a flood of new information, and many old friends to catch up with and new people to meet.

The last few years, many of the individuals attending the conference have become much more interested in archives, and in applying technical solutions developed for library uses to archives. This year I noticed a lot more interest in issues surrounding archival discovery and preservation systems. Continue reading