SAA Report: Getting Things Done with Born-Digital

One of the first sessions I attended at this year’s SAA annual meetings was “Getting Things Done with Born-Digital Collections,” and it stuck with me as a great entry-level review of how to deal with born digital materials in a variety of different institutional environments. It also introduced tools to help archivists jump into their work, while providing some advice for those looking implement or expand born-digital programs. Many of the following tools/concepts may seem familiar in the work that we do here at the RAC.

The panel included five panelists: Gloria Gonzalez, Jason Evans Groth, Ashley Howdeshell, Dan Noonan, and Lauren Sorensen. While all of the panelists covered slightly different experiences, there was one universal takeaway: preserving digital collections needs to be an institutional endeavor, and in many cases, that endeavor is a constant work-in-progress, from tools to processes.

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Assistant Digital Archivist job posting featured on OCLC blog

Jackie Dooley (past SAA president and part of the OCLC Research team) has posted a series of articles reviewing recent digital archivist job postings on the OCLC Research blog, Of the nineteen job postings listed in a recent two week period, she calls out our posting as one she especially likes: it avoids some of the vagueness that has been prevalent in digital archivist postings over the last few years, and the job responsibilities are appropriate for the level of the position. She continues writing about the job listings in another post, discussing the responsibilities presented in the job descriptions. In her final post she discusses the skill set required for digital archivists. Both posts include blurbs from our listing. It’s nice to see our job description highlighted in such a way – it shows we’re on the right track as far as shaping D-Team openings, and we’re also effectively communicating that to the audience of job seekers.

RAC Assistant Digital Archivist Job Posting