Project Electron Update: Introducing Aurora 1.0

We are very pleased to announce the initial release of Aurora, an application to receive, virus check, and validate the structure and contents of digital records transfers. It provides a read-only interface for representatives of donor organizations to track transfers, so that they can follow their records as they move through the archival lifecycle. It also includes functionality for RAC staff to add or update organization accounts and users associated with them, appraise incoming transfers, and initiate the accessioning process. Aurora is built on community-driven standards and specifications, and we have released it as open source software. This is a major milestone for Project Electron, and we are excited to share it with the world. Many thanks to our partners at Marist College IT and to the Ford Foundation for their generous support of the project.

Aurora homescreen

We will continue to improve Aurora as we test and integrate it with a chain of other archival management and digital preservation tools.

Read more about Project Electron here.

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Project Electron April Update

As I mentioned last month, we’re moving forward with Project Electron on two fronts: defining the process by which digital records are transferred to the Rockefeller Archive Center and selecting a solution to provide archival storage for those records once they are in our custody. Continue reading

DREC Committee Meeting Notes- November 7, 2013

DREC Committee Meeting Notes- November 7, 2013

Location: Conference Room


Committee members: Sibyl Schaefer, Laura Montgomery, Suzie Havranek, Hillel Arnold, Mary Ann Quinn, Lucas Buresch, Patrick Galligan

Observing RAC Staffmember attendees: Bob Battaly, Bethany Antos, Beth H. Jaffe-Davis, Marisa Vassari, Julia Welby, Kristen Spad


  1. Archivematica/AT integration
  2. Overview of Asian Cultural Council accession process
  3. Discussion of the brown bag lunch series
  4. Beginning processing on FTK
  5. Classes and workshop discussion
  6. Miscellaneous
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