Project Electron January Update

As I wrote in my last update, since kicking off Project Electron in September 2016, we’ve been gathering information through conversations, surveys and a literature review, and then structuring that information into user stories and personas. In line with our “open by default” licensing principle, we’re making these design artifacts available with a CC0 license, which means you can take them and use them freely in your own local environments.

View and download the user stories and personas on Github. Continue reading

Frankly, my dear, we need a DAM!

Over the last few years, we’ve been creating and acquiring digital assets (more on what I mean by that term in a second) at a pretty astonishing rate, and we’ve thus far lacked a way of managing them. They’re stored in a variety of places (some more discoverable than others) and it’s difficult to know exactly what we have. In fact, when I tried to figure out the extent of these assets when writing this post, I couldn’t do it. I just ended up feeling like Clark Gable: Continue reading