Web Archives – Where Do We Go From Here?

We’ve recently been thinking a lot about the potentials of web archives here at the RAC. Last week, I attended the appropriately titled web archives WARCshop hosted by Penn State University, and, while the organizers focused on getting its participants hands-on experience working with web archives research tools, the lesson that I took away from it is that libraries and archivists still have a long way to go in fully supporting researchers working with web archives. Penn State invited a great group of librarians and archivists to learn, as well as Jefferson Bailey and Lori Donovan from Archive-It, Nick Ruest from York University, and Ian Milligan from Waterloo to help lead the workshop. I was personally very excited for the meeting because I think Nick and Ian have been doing some of the most exciting research in web archives for the past few years, and I always love hearing them talk. Continue reading

WARCs! What are they good for? Researchers!

I recently attended the IIPC (International Internet Preservation Consortium) conference in lovely Reykjavik from April 15th to the 17th. This was the first official year of the IIPC conference and it was a great opportunity for institutions of all sizes to get together and talk about the challenges facing web archiving today, and to strategize about the path forward. The presentations covered a wide variety of topics, but I think the ones that I found most helpful were those that focused on how researchers interact with web archives. Continue reading

Jason Scott @ the Web Archiving Roundtable – #SAA2014

JS_1After seeing lots of interesting interactions on Twitter with @textfiles, otherwise known as Jason Scott, I was super excited to hear him present at the Web Archiving Roundtable. According to his Twitter profile, Jason is: “the proprietor of http://TEXTFILES.COM , historian, filmmaker, archivist, famous cat maintenance staff. He works on/for/over the Internet Archive.”  Continue reading

Web archiving at the RAC

We have just partnered with Archive-It to begin our Web Archiving Program. Web archiving is the capture, management and preservation of websites and web resources; Archive-It is a web-based subscription service from the Internet Archive that will capture digital content for the Rockefeller Archive Center. Archive-It will host and store the crawled website files, called Web ARChive or WARC files, at the Internet Archive data centers and provide the Rockefeller Archive Center with a copy of those WARC files. We will in turn preserve these electronic records using Archivematica our digital preservation management system. Continue reading