As many of you know, we have already begun to start planning on implementing Aeon.

Our first project is to come up with a name, and in order to do this, we thought the best way would be to have a naming contest.

The contest will be very similar to the naming contest for XTF (which thanks to Laura – was renamed DIMES).  Once again, as incentive, we are offering a $25 gift certificate to to the person who suggests the winning name.

This name will be used for the URL to host Aeon, similar to DIMES’ URL being, so it should be short and preferably reflect Aeon’s functionality in some way. As always, extra points for anything Rockefeller-related.

We’ll be accepting suggestions for names (either via email or as comments on the blog) until Friday, June 6th. We’ll open voting on a curated list of these names on the following Monday, June 9th until Friday, June 13th.

Names can be added as comments to this blog post, or emailed directly to Michele.