At ALA Midwinter this past January, I hosted the Digital Preservation Interest Group meeting with my co-chair, Meghan Bergin. It was an excellent session, if I do say so myself. Below is a listing of the presentations. Slides are available on ALA Connect.

*Lots of Copies keep Docs Safe: Using LOCKSS to create distributed digital government information depositories* - James Jacobs, Stanford University’s Green Library and Amanda Wakaruk, University of Alberta Libraries

*An overview of recent publications about managing born-digital materials* - Erin O’Meara, Gates Archive (presented by Sibyl Schaefer)

*Preserving AutoCAD Files at the University of Montana* - Sam Meister, University of Montana- Missoula

*A Repository Year: Planning and Implementing a Digital Repository at the Computer History Museum* - Paula Jabloner, Computer History Museum and Katerine Kott, consultant