My time at the Rockefeller Archive Center was nothing but phenomenal and educational. While it was a remote internship, the lessons that I will take from this experience will follow me through my career, both as a student and an aspiring records manager.

Weekly RAC101 meetings were held, which allowed me to explore the work of various departments in the institution. Each team took the time to explain their team’s goals and how the work connects to other teams and to broader professional goals. RAC101 meetings showcased the hard work of archival staff, historians, educators, and researchers. Staff members guided me to a complete understanding of their career paths and showed their dedication to researchers and the importance of preserving and sharing history.

At the RAC, I engaged with projects that utilized my experience as a history student and my dedication to research and information access. My work included organizing metadata and migrating published research to another web application. I also had an opportunity to engage in user testing to enhance DIMES usability.

My work on assigned projects taught me about project management and introduced me to some of the software and tools needed for this field in the future. My work allowed me to better understand the importance of documentation and various ways to present material in an accessible way.

This opportunity fostered both confidence and independence in my work that I will need as a working professional. My time at the RAC has also provided me with an opportunity to cultivate professional and personal relationships with my supervisors and my fellow intern, Bethanie.

My time at the Rockefeller Achieve Center has secured the path that I would like to take in my career. After speaking with staff members and having my interest in records management piqued, I believe this opportunity has shown me the value of preservation, documentation, and accessibility. This opportunity was truly like no other. From my daily experiences in meetings and working on projects, to staff interactions, this experience will stay with me throughout my career, as I continue to learn and grow as a student and individual.