As I mentioned last month, we’re moving forward with Project Electron on two fronts: defining the process by which digital records are transferred to the Rockefeller Archive Center and selecting a solution to provide archival storage for those records once they are in our custody.

This month, we charted out the major tasks necessary to achieve both of those goals. They’re available in our newly-updated milestones document, which now also indicates the tasks we’ve already completed.

On the transfer side of things, we’re planning to have the pipeline infrastructure ready for testing by September or October. We’re well on our way there already - although we have some tough hills to climb - I’m confident we’ll get there on or ahead of schedule!

In terms of archival storage, we’ve been evaluating a number of solutions against our requirements, and Marist IT will be installing two or three possible candidates on their infrastructure so they can evaluate from a technical perspective and we can evaluate from a functional one. We hope to have selected a solution and have it deployed in a production environment by the end of June.

Stay tuned for next month’s update!