Our major news for this month is that, after evaluating a number of existing solutions against our requirements for archival storage, we have decided to use Fedora as the repository solution for Project Electron. Although there were other systems that met many of our requirements - DSpace for example - in the end we felt that Fedora was the closest match for our needs both in terms of feature coverage and scope. It does what we want it to do without requiring us to support a lot of extra functionality or complexity.

Our partners at Marist have been working on deploying Fedora, plus associated applications like Solr and Fuseki, on their infrastructure. We’ll be scoping out what additional customizations or integrations we need to build in the next few weeks.

Last but not least, we are also thrilled to announce that, thanks to a generous grant from the Ford Foundation, Hannah Sistrunk will be joining us at the end of June to work on Project Electron and to help facilitate the transfer of digital records from donor organizations to the RAC. We’re excited to have her on our team!